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2021 BOD Election Process

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The last day to declare candidacy for a position is Friday April 2nd midnight.  The list of people who have declared is below.  If you are not on it, and should be, message me directly on here or discord.  If you want to be on it, make the declaration here, The Dagorhir Battle Games Facebook page, or the Aratari Facebook page.  Message me as well.


The actual election will be May 15th.  The election will be held on Discord and will be open for everyone to watch and participate.  Still getting specifics confirmed.  As has been tradition at these AWC election meetings, there will be adequate time given for candidates to make statements, answer questions and debate.  All candidates will have these opportunities, no matter if they have been removed or muted on Facebook and Discord.


Between April 2 and May 1st, the current VP will be running background checks on all applicants for all positions. The voting body can use the results of the background check as they see fit.  Hopefully we can continue the tradition of boring applicants.  


There is one specific requirement that all applicants must meet:

2.11. Holding office or having a voting position in a competing padded weapons combat organization represents a conflict of interest with the Aratari and the Dagorhir Battle Game Association. A Dagorhir participant with a conflict of interests may not hold elected office in the Dagorhir Battle Game Association and may not serve on the Artatari War Council


Conflict of interest.  Enough said.  

The other requirement that only applies to candidates running for president.  They must submit a written business plan outlining their goals.  While technically due on May 15th, I would hope that all of them are submitted by the 10th so that they can be distributed and reviewed.  


Who is the Aratari War Council?  The AWC is made of representatives of the active units in the Aratari chapter.  In May 2020 the AWC voted unanimously to effectively freeze the units that counted as active until the conclusion of the pandemic.  This means that each of the following units has 2 votes on the AWC.  This is the voting body for the BoD positions.  To win a position, you need a simple majority of AWC member votes.  


The units with current voting rights: Guard, Rome, Gustuguse, Berzerkers of Jomsburg, Ulfrung Vikings, Kingdom of Gwynedd, No Quarter!, Eletheria, Indomar. 

AWC meetings are run generally using Roberts Rules.  There will be a few items on the table before the elections officially start.  The Magistrate recently stepped down.  The AWC will need to vote on who will be the chairman for the day, and other potential new business.  Once we get to the election, we will be following the traditional order of Magistrate, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, President.  By Roberts Rules, each candidate will need to be nominated and seconded.  I have assurances from 2 AWC members that everyone who has put their name forward will be nominated and seconded. Because of the order of the election, it is allowed for a person to run for multiple offices.  

The Bylaws can be read in full here: https://dagorhir.com/about/bylaws/


What I just spelled out is how the election process is defined in the bylaws and traditions.  In this thread specifically I ask that we keep conversation on what is, not on why it is a good or bad system.  Please ask any questions you have about the process.



President: (Ursus), (Ian Ravus), (Brian Lee Hoalcraft), (Isaaku), (Vindlér Fury Hárrhéðinn), (James Arnold Dudley), (Chris Palmer)

VP: (Shaynk), (Kyle "Cyl Maddhatta), (Sir Dame Kaonna McAvoy)

Treasurer: (Erekose), (Holden "Ivan" Mass)

Secretary: (Alcibides Beldinius Marcellus), (Centurion of Rome (Marco Smartt)), (Scampinald Contumelorious Florious (Scamp)), (Millie "Ljuda" Tansill)

Magistrate: (Timarchos), (Mace), (Mark "LLyr" Galbraith)


Note that Brian Lee Hoalcraft has declared an interest in running for every position. 


4/2/21: Note that Sir MacDimm of Mittelmarch has withdrawn his name from consideration for Vice President.

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