Rules for All Posts, Comments and Replies::

-Be kind to each other, be excellent to each other, respect each other.

-All Posts, Comments and Replies will be directly related to Dagorhir.

-All Posts, Comments and Replies will further the interests of Dagorhir as a game or a sense of community within Dagorhir.

-All event posts advertised are to be Dagorhir only. Cross game events may be posted with the permission of the PR Director. (Dagorhir specific Events should have all information sent to [email protected] for additional advertising thru our cross platform promotions)

-Posts, Comments, and Replies should be made with the intent of maintaining a discussion. Posts that are aimed at breaking down conversation are not allowed.

-All member requests must answer the questionnaire for group membership to be granted.

-All members may use the “report” function to alert a moderator for post/comment review.

-Members may NOT Block Moderators or Admins.

-Members may NOT harass other members or moderators in any way.

-Members will NOT stalk an individual’s profile or personal pages.

-Members will NOT post demeaning content about players, moderators, or events.

-Members will NOT post spam, including but not limited to posting off topic content in inappropriate channels, vendor advertising without the permission of the PR Director, or political posting.

-Posts, Comments and Replies will NOT violate the rules of the platform.

-Posts, Comments and Replies will NOT violate the Dagorhir Code of Conduct:

-Posts, Comments, and Replies will NOT violate basic standards of decency, especially with regards to harassment of protected groups.

-Posts, Comments and Replies will NOT involve name calling or other deliberately inciting or abusive language including memeing.

-Failure to adhere to any rules or multiple violations of rules may result in a ban from the page as well as being reported to the Arbiter for disciplinary action.

Moderation Methodology (Guidelines):

Populous (members) should use the report function on anything they see as possible breaking of these rules.

Any discussion in regards to bans/removals from the Dagorhir pages must be directed to the PR Director. [email protected].

If you need to talk to the arbiter go to The Arbiter
may be reached via [email protected]

Any declined posts that are pertinent to player safety should be screen-capped and forwarded to the Arbiter. When in doubt, contact the PR Director.

This policy is fluid and subject to change at any time. The Public Relations Director of the DBGA maintains the right to edit or alter this policy without notice. If you have suggestions on how to make this policy better serve the online community, please contact [email protected] with specific suggestions. If you would like to be part of the moderation team, contact the PR Director.

Active Moderation (Deletions):

Inappropriate material and rules violations will be deleted by Moderators.

The first time a member post, comment, or reply is deleted will equate to a warning.

The second time a member’s post, comment, or reply is deleted they will be temporarily banned or muted for up to 3 days.

The third time a member post, comment, or reply is deleted, their record of infractions will be reviewed by the recording moderator, a moderator who has not added to their record, and the PR Director. If it is determined the member has made no attempts to rectify their behavior and that they have made no attempt to have a positive impact on the community, they may be removed and banned from the group or muted anywhere from 3 days to indefinitely, as is appropriate for the infraction.

Some material may be so inappropriate that we skip steps. Examples include, but are not limited to: Eugenics or other racially insensitive/charged topics. Items that violate basic platform rules in such a way that could cause the group to be put in jeopardy. Threats of violence. Etc.

Suspended members may be removed from all social media platforms at the discretion of the moderation team. Members on Discord may not be immediately removed but instead be given a role that only allows access to the Chapter Council and Board of Directors public channels for communication access. Members who abuse the public CC/BoD channels will be subject to complete removal from Discord.

A member may appeal a suspension once a year. Appeals are to be emailed to [email protected].

Please refer to the Rules above for what is deemed inappropriate or constitutes deletion.