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[Sticky] New Bylaws for DBGA

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Greetings Dagorhirrim,

As many of you know there has been a lengthy process, in collaboration with partner chapters, to develop new bylaws for Dagorhir Battle Games Association, which will turn it into a truly national organization and separate it from the Aratari Chapter.  This process has received its final approval and a transition plan has been put in place.  Attached to this message will be the new set of bylaws for DBGA and outlined here will be the important steps needed to complete this process and begin a national Chapter Council, elect a new Board of Directors, as well as set any policies for the ongoing organization.

Before we get into the details I would like to take a moment to thank all of those who have put in time and effort to make this a reality.  I would first like to thank the Bylaw Committee which spent a Summer-plus of Sundays originating, discussing, adjusting, and polishing the Bylaws.  Many chapters sent representatives and the progress achieved was commendable.  I would like to thank the Aratari War Council for acting promptly to review, give feedback, and approve the Bylaws.  Finally I would like to thank the rest of the current BoD for taking the time and effort to review both this and the new Aratari Bylaws, and constructing a transition plan that will allow us to push forward without undue concern of procedural or technical issues holding up the important work.  There are still several things that need doing, but I think the process has brought us to a place where we can all find common ground in our shared hobby and proceed forward together.

On to the proceeding forward, I wanted to get into the dates and give some explanations for items to try and get us all on the same page.  That being said here is the timeline:

11/14/21 Deadline for reporting that you wish to be counted as part of the Quorum for the Chapter Council.  Reporting shall consist of sending an email to [email protected], including your own authority for speaking for your chapter, and the representatives you intend to send to the Chapter Council, and contact information for those representatives.

This exists due to the transition from a loose group of affiliated chapters to a cohesive, bylaw bound, group.  Quorum, as it currently sits, is unreachable to even begin this process, in addition several chapters have made known that they wish to continue being a chapter, but do not want to participate in an ongoing Chapter Council.  This is an opportunity for chapters to check in and let us know you intend to attend and don’t want the process to move forward without you, as is only fair. 

In no way should this be construed as removing, expelling, sanctioning, or denying a chapter its full rights should they not respond on time.  This is just a method for us to begin making sure we can meet quorum and giving chapters who do not want to hold things up, but are also not ready or willing to meet in a Chapter Council to be removed from the required number of chapters for a quorum.  You may submit that you want to be added to the quorum after this date, you may submit your reps after this date, but please try to send in the information you have by this date in order to keep things orderly.  It will be up to the Chapter Council whether they wish to continue with this method after the first meeting and that is in fact an issue they should tackle in that meeting if possible.

12/5/21  First Chapter Council Meeting at 7pm EST on the Dagorhir Battle Games Discord.

To answer the most obvious question first, yes, people who are the representatives of Dagorhir Chapters who have previously been removed from this Discord for violation of Social Media Policies will be allowed back on to the Discord for this event, with appropriate permissions to their status.  What happens after will be up to the Chapter Council.

I have a list of suggested items the Chapter Council should handle this first meeting, but obviously they get the final say on what they go over:
1)  Elect a Chair or Chapter Council Head, whether just for this meeting or going forward.
2) Address the opting out of Quorum issue
3) Begin Board of Director elections process
4) Begin Developing or Modifying a Social Media Policy
5) Review the Bylaws and develop a common understanding of them.

If this meeting fails to make Quorum, which is always a possibility, the BoD will meet asap and set up another meeting, likely for January.  It is our intention to see this through and get it done.  That being said, please try to show up and get this going in proper fashion.  I know I personally look forward to what the Chapter Council is able to do to help grow and nurture Dagorhir, and to see how an enthusiastic new Board of Directors can help bring us out of the current situation while gaining even more people and places to engage in our great hobby with and at.

All that being said, let’s get this done and get ready for a great campaign season.

In Service,
President of DBGA



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