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DBGA accounts - April 2021


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DBGA maintains 2 accounts.  XXXXXX9562 is the Aratari account.  That account is used for Aratari chapter expenses, DBGA expenses (background checks of candidates), and hosting and administration of Dagorhir.ORG (.org is the Aratari chapter page).  XXXXXX0539 is the remains of the Blackhawk Webpage GoFundMe process.  That account is used for hosting, administration and maintenance on Dagorhir.COM. 


Aratari does not request dues from its member units or players.  Aratari does charge a fee for its events.  Generally $5 a person for a day battle, $20 a person for a campout.  These event fees are almost all in cash.  The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the lock box has enough small bills to make change and to deposit excess cash into the account. 


As of 4/7/2021 the Aratari account has a balance of $3478.89.  Webpage account has a balance of $1260.91.  The Aratari event Cash Box has $150.00


Attached are screenshots of the accounts and several years of account activity. 


Stone Wyndhaven – President DBGA

Mapify receipts. Money was moved through the Treasurers personal Paypal to make payments easier.


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