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Notice on Tax filings by DBGA


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The Treasurer went through all the forms and documentation with the Ragnarok Board.  To his best knowledge, all filings for 2016 to 2019 were accepted. 2020 has not yet been filed.  Tracking on the MD website shows that all filings were accepted.  Treasurer is unsure why the IRS page is showing different results.  The Treasurer is reaching out to the IRS to identify and rectify the issue.


We will be releasing copies and screenshots of all accounts.  Including the Aratari and the GoFundMe Web page accounts.  In the past, all financial documentation has been provided to BoD members and printouts available during Aratari events. Going forward those reports will be made public on the page on a regular basis.


Attached below are the 990 EZ filings for Dagorhir Battle Games Association, Inc.

Stone Wyndhaven - President DBGA

2016 File in 2017 -990 EZ

2017 File in 2018 990 EZ

2018 File in 2019 990 EZ


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