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Update MOA with recent rule changes


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I noticed that the MOA has not been updated with recent year's rule changes. Can we get the MOA updated with all rule changes?

I noticed these ones specifically but there may be others that I don't even know of. If anyone noticed any others than post them here. Blue weapons of 18” or more must weigh at least 12 ounces. Under that length does not need to meet a weight or balance requirement. - All arrow shafts over 28" in length are required to have a draw stop (generally a ring of tape around the shaft) placed between 27" and 28" down the shaft from inside of the nock. (Udated RWC 2016) - All arrows must contain a circular metal disk measuring at least 3/4 of an inch in diameter and 1/16 of an inch thick (the size of a penny) secured perpendicularly (flat) at the end of the shaft, unless it is an arrow with a golf tube shaft. In this case, a washer or disk slightly larger than the golf tube's rolled edge must be used instead. All circular disks must be at least the hardness of a penny. (Updated RWC 2016) - Masking-like, unenforced cellophane, rigid, metal based, hard, sharp, or poor adhesion quality tapes may not be used in construction. Examples include but are not limited to: ducting, packaging, scotch, masking, and painter’s tapes. (Note: duct tape is allowed, as ducting tape is a separate type) (Updated RWC 2018) - The head of the arrow must not be able to move easily in relation to the arrowshaft. This movement includes but is not limited to: twisting without return, twisting more than a quarter of the shaft circumference with return, plunging up and down, wobbling from side to side. (Updated RWC 2018)

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The MoA has been updated with the rule changes. Thank you for bringing this up. 


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