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Looking to start a group in NW Arkansas, tips?


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I am currently looking to start a dagorhir group in the Fayetteville/Rogers area.  I only have a couple of friends that i have played with in the past.  My last group disbanded a couple of years ago, and I am looking to get another group going. I would eventually like to start a chapter but need more than a few peoples interest.  Any tips or additional resources that might help me in my attempt to get a group going would be greatly appreciated. Things like flyers, websites, people, etc.  Also I am aware that there are chapters around but they are all around a 3 hour drive from where I am located, and a 6 hour commute is simply something i don't have time for.

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When i get home and have more time i'll give you as much advice as i can. Big thing is location location location. Be in a high visibility location and make sure you have a few sets of loaner gear. ie a few blues and a shield or two.


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