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Because traditional message boards are as dead as Caesar, the Dagorhir Player Discussion group is built as a Question & Answer format, more akin to StackExchange.

Players can ask questions, offer answers, reply to answers, and up / down vote answers. The original poster can also choose a "Best Answer" to mark the thread as solved. 

Check below for some simple "how-to's" in using this forum.

There are two types of responses: comments, and answers. This, for example, is a comment

This structure allows for players to add their 2 coppers without necessarily needing to clutter up the answers section.

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Asking a Question

To add a new question, simply click on the forum title (link) and enter the forum relevant to your question.

  1. Click the New Topic button.
  2. Type the subject line
  3. Type out your question
  4. Add any relevant links or media
  5. Post
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Answering / Commenting

Answer – is a reply to Question which supposed to contain an answer.

Comment – Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions in comments.

Quote – this feature makes it easier to distinguish between quoted text and new reply – thus following the flow of conversation becomes easier.

Quote inline (copy-paste multiquote) – You can also copy a part of text, paste in new reply editor, select and click on quote button (rich editor toolbar)

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How to Report a Post

If you receive an inappropriate message, see spam anywhere on the forum, or would like to report any member-created content, then you should use the Report abuse button under/above each post.

After you click the Report abuse button, you will be asked to state your reasons for reporting abuse. Forum admins will receive a message and then take a closer look at the situation.

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Upvote / Downvote / Best Answer

In this forum style, you can Vote Up and Vote Down answers. This helps to show how relevant / accurate the answers are, based on the community's expertise.

The green icon under Vote Down button indicates the answer, which has been selected as favored answer by question author. It also says this answer was helpful and the issue is resolved. 

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Member Reputation

The Dagorhir Player Discussion forum uses a Member Reputation system, which is based on the number of posts and replies that a given user has made. 

This reputation system lets you see at a glance how active a user is in the online community, and gives a general idea of how reliable their information and opinions might be. 

There are eleven reputation levels: 

  1. Thrall - 0 posts
  2. Peasant  - 5 posts
  3. Townsfolk - 15 posts
  4. Conscript  - 30 posts
  5. Solider - 50 posts
  6. Skirmisher - 100 posts
  7. Warrior - 200 posts
  8. Hero - 300 posts
  9. Nobility - 500 posts
  10. Royalty - 750 posts
  11. Paragon - 1000 posts

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