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Black Lives Matter


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Hello everyone, due to current events I feel that, as president, I should make clear my stance on a certain issue:

Black Lives Matter.

Dagorhir and other communities like us I feel strive to be as apolitical as we can, yet I and our community as a whole has a commitment to several key ideals to not only allow this community to flourish, but to be safe for it's people. Inclusion is one of them, every Dagorhirrim is as equal as every other to me and I hope to everyone else in this community.

I as President, Dracon Adun want to make it clear that here in Dagorhir, we see the struggle of others and i have seen our people help where and when they can. I have seen personally members of our community put forth actions to support this movement in this time. I WILL never tell this community to not advocate for others, i WILL never condemn the people in these communities rights as Americans and as people. Live your lives the way you wish and treat people the way you wish to be treated.

Dagorhir is a subculture that welcomes people like to get together and in a respectful and fun way, enact combat and social activities. I hope we never lose sight of that in these times ahead.


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