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[Solved] Help us help you


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Welcome new players!

Let me get the ball rolling on the forum by asking you, the new player, what kind of resources, tutorials etc. you would like to see on the website?  

Thanks for any feedback you can offer.


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I'm only a "new-ish" player but here are things I wondered about:

1. Weapon and shield making

2. Garb making

3. Elementary fighting stances, moves, etc.--how to learn to fight, ideally in a way that doesn't impede progress later


Oh lord,

How much time do you have?

There are some decent tutorials on the site for garb and weapons.

Shout out if there there is something not covered that you need.

I like your suggestion about the basic stances.  I'll bring up that suggestion.  

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I am not a fighter so am not sure what would work better photos/diagrams  or videos for basic fighting stances and moves.  What would work best for you?


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