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Message from the BoD Re: the revised chapter contract


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Dear Dagorhir Chapter Administrators,

There’s been some confusion and concern around the revised chapter contracts.  Below is a summary of facts about the revised contracts:

To address issues of event security raised by the Dagorhir community, an inter-chapter committee developed a process for sharing information on potentially dangerous individuals and (when appropriate) banning dangerous people from ALL Dagorhir groups and events.  Since this is a new process and policy for all of Dagorhir, revised chapter contracts were sent out to all chapters to ratify, because any changes to the contracts have to be agreed to by both the chapter and Dagorhir Battle Games Association, Inc.

The only changes between the original chapter contract and the revision is adding the Arbiter position, establishing a Code of Conduct, and the game-wide ban process.  Any future contract modifications will still require both parties to consent.

Chapters which have not yet returned their revised contracts still have a vote on Ragnarok War Council; but they aren’t entitled to vote on Arbiter candidates because they haven’t agreed to abide by the Arbiter’s ban decisions.

To date, almost half of active Chapters have already notarized and returned their revised contracts.  More are expected to come in before Ragnarok.

Some Chapters have reported challenges getting 2 or more reps together at a notary to sign the new contract; in response, DBGA officers will be holding Office Hours for in-person contract signing in Guard camp at Ragnarok from 5:30 to 6:30 PM Sunday 6/17 and 5:00 to 6:00 PM Monday 6/18.  Be sure to bring your ID if you’re taking advantage of this option. Note that this is only for existing active chapters who are renewing/signing revised contracts; any new chapters who wish to register before Ragnarok need to mail their notarized applications in the old-fashioned way and be received by Thursday 6/14.

Signing the updated contract allows all chapters of Dagorhir to have a voice in the Arbiter and Ban process in order to share information regarding dangerous/problematic individuals and increase player safety overall - as such, we highly encourage it. If a chapter does not sign the updated contract, we would like to know why and address your concerns. We will be available to meet with you and discuss in person any questions and concerns you may have regarding this contract update during our office hours in Guard camp at Ragnarok listed above.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the DBGA Board members at the addresses listed below.


In Service to Dagorhir,

Roadie/Erin [email protected]

Urchin/Steven [email protected]

Pekko/Paul [email protected]

Sif/Amy [email protected]

Graymael/Dave [email protected]


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