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Dagorhir Battle Games are many things to many people. Dagorhir combines fast-paced full-contact combat simulation with elements of live action role-playing. Dagorhir combines elements of both history and fantasy. Dagorhir is both a sport and a game. Dagorhir’s participants experience their fantasies on a variety of levels. This wide ranging appeal is the reason for Dagorhir’s nationwide success.

Photo Credit Asbjorn of Dajhurgah

Dagorhir was founded in 1977 by a bunch of college friends who shared an enthusiasm for Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and medieval history. Regular "battles" were held, and friends were encouraged to come out and play. Over the next couple of years, Dagorhir was featured on a number of local college radio shows. Demonstrations were performed at Maryland's local Renaissance Festival. Dagorhir's membership began to expand in the Maryland/Virginia area. Dagorhir was featured on a variety news show called PM Magazine in 1982, and hundreds of new members joined. This show was featured across the country, and new chapters (Realms) sprouted in various locations including Ohio and Illinois. By 1986, a national event called Ragnarok was held in Ohio. Ragnarok has grown every year, drawing hundreds of avid Dagorhir enthusiasts from all over the United States.

As with many well known role-playing games that started as a fad in the 1970’s, Dagorhir was originally based on Lord of the Rings. The name "Dagorhir" is derived from Tolkien's Sindarin Elven language, and translates as "Battle Lords.".

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