Serfs Wanted:

There is an effort underway to help make the Dagorhir website “better”. There is a ton of work to do, visible and behind the scenes. Here is what we are looking for: 2-3 ‘interns’ who are, ideally, getting course credit working for a not for profit in areas including web design, SEO/SEM, communications and conversion rate optimization. If you could use that experience and are willing to make a 4 month commitment of at least 5 hours a week of work, we would consider that as well. You would be learning from Gisueppe Cervello (Randy Aimone)  who has taught digital marketing classes for the last decade at the college level (Marist, Framingham State, Springboard), and presently works as a an E-commerce specialist at a telecommunications company. He would be spending an average of 30 minutes a week with the volunteer working with them on improving existing and teaching new skills. Know a member or friend of Dag who is interested in this experience? Please have them E-mail a resume/CV and a short letter of introduction on why they are interested in ‘serf’-ing’ the web to: [email protected] with the subject line: “Serfing” -Gisueppe Cervello Dagorhir Master-at-Webs.

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