The Dagorhir events calendar is a great place to share day battles, musters, and overnight Dagorhir activities.  The following guidelines will help attract more people to your event AND lead to faster approvals. 1) Title:  Title your event!  Creative is good, as is straightforward.  A bit of both is what you want.  Because we have a huge geographic footprint, also put in parenthesis the nearest city with a commercial airport. OK:  Springfield Muster July ’19 (Springfield, ND) Just the facts. Better: Mid-Summer ruckus (Muster) July ’19 (Springfield, ND) More compelling name. Even Better: A Midsummer Night’s Battle (Muster) July ’19 (Springfield/Deer Park ND) A name, theme, and mentioned a second regional city that other people might recognize. Battles themed around Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Give your event a color:  Making the calendar a bit colorful is great.  spend a second to change the color from dark blue. Icons:  Please choose an icon- it shows up better, and adds a bit of interest. Page for more information:  How do I sign up?  Meetup?  Facebook page?  Etc.  Give the browser a way to signal that they want to attend.  Also give an E-mail address, phone, etc. so someone can contact an organizer with questions.  

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