Taking a mighty leap from either the Middle Ages or Middle Earth into the 21st Century, Dagorhir is launching its new web presence.  Please play with the site on phone, tablet, and desktop/laptop, and report any glitches or errors to [email protected]

Dagorhir event organizers, please submit your chapter’s events to be added to the Calendar!  Merchants who provide services to the Dagorhir community, please get your shop listed on the Resources page.  Photographers, please send your high-resolution pictures (showing great garb and hard action) to the web team so they can be featured in upcoming months on the website!

And please, take a moment to thank the members of the Web Team who volunteered many, many hours to design, populate, and trouble-shoot this gorgeous new site and the associated Dagorhir Wiki, including, buy not limited to: Tiberius Volant, Dominick, Zanpan Volant, Rojo Blackwood, Nieros Eastfire, Metelo Volant, Iohn de Volant, Fayne Erving, Corwin Volant, Alexander Blackwood, Roadie, Crynolyn, Bova, Silk, Aegir Hjaldrgod, Aliki, Adakan Rafenson, Krumok Bellringa, Drust Arrad, Jenna of Gestiguiste, and the amazing Gamhain MacCoinneach, who did the design and implementation of the new site.  Ave, Webteam!

(Anyone I missed, please accept this Old and Gray Male’s apology!)