Yesterday, the Dagorhir Bylaws Committee managed to finalize our draft of the new national DBGA bylaws in a nearly 5-hour meeting. We are now ready for the next step – we need the chapters to review the final document and let us know if you are comfortable with this draft being submitted to the AWC and DBGA BoD for approval.

To read the draft, access it here:

To vote, access the Google form linked here. Only one vote per chapter, please.

Everyone must submit their vote no later than 11:59PM ET on 28 August, 2021.

Two notes:
1. The committee has striven to make these bylaws as complete as possible. We’ve been able to add some details that a number of us felt were needed in the old bylaws. However, keep in mind that our approach throughout the process was that there would be other details that would be better left to Chapter Council authority once that was formed. We will consider suggestions, but generally want to continue on this vein for some of the details.
2. After the meeting on 22 August, a legality issue regarding the relationship of the DBGA President to Ragnarok LLC was brought up. We, the organizers of this committee took the liberty of adding one line (3.1.2) to address this technicality.

If anyone is interested in viewing the 5-hour meeting, I would remind folks that the notes have time stamps, in case there is a topic of particular interest that you would like to hear the conversation on.

Meeting notes:
Meeting video:

Thank you for everyone’s attention and hard work!

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