Ave Dagorhir! My name is Karad and as many of you may know I am the election officer for the DGBA this year and it’s time to begin the elections. The positions that need to be filled include the Executive Director, Director of PR, Director of Records, Director of Finance, Chapter Liaison, and Arbiter. Full descriptions of each positions are listed in the DGBA Bylaws in chapters 2 and 3 that can be found on the Dagorhir Facebook page as well as the link below. In order to officially run for one of these positions you must send an email to [email protected] stating your name, character name and position you would like to run for as well as submit and pay for a background check. The service we use costs $19.95 for the background check. Instructions for how to complete the background check will be emailed to you after you have announced your candidacy. The cut off date to put in to run is July the 8th. After all the background checks have come back we will announce the list of candidates for each positions by July 22nd. After that you will have a period to discuss your votes with your chapters with voting taking place the first week of August. The winners will be announced August 8th. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you.

To summarize:

Put in for candidacy and your background check by July 8th.
Official list of candidates posted on July 22nd.
Voting opens between Aug 1st – Aug 7th.
Winners announced Aug 8th.