To: All Members of Dagorhir
From: Steven Foster – Executive Director – DBGA
Subject: Dissolution of the Ragnarok, LLC
Date: 6/27/23

Hail Dagorhir!

It is with a heavy heart that I make this announcement. The DBGA will be severing its ties with
the Ragnarok, LLC at this time. It is a long time coming, but this needs to happen for the growth
of the Organization as well as the potential rebuilding of the once great event.
Over the past years, Ragnarok grew from a small gathering of players into a large annual event.
This was a bit too much for the event itself, and came with many growing pains. In an attempt
to manage its growth, the event organizers formed the Ragnarok, LLC. While at the time, this
was a good call, it caused some problems later on. The first being that at the time, the DBGA
was centralized in one location. The Ragnarok LLC was restricted in the pool from which it
could draw for it’s Board of Managers as well as pretty tight on those that could become
members of the Business Council.

As we stand now, the DBGA is a National Organization, and the Rag BoM is extremely limited in
it’s ability to act within the articles of agreement it was founded upon. The event has suffered
from many issues and attendance has plummeted. The DBGA struggles with this association,
and the event itself struggles with the limitations of the LLC articles.

Due to these reasons, it is time to sever this relationship. The DBGA will no longer be the sole
shareholder of Ragnarok, and the founders of the event, should they choose, may make the
event into whatever they deem fit.

This coming Ragnarok will be the last of it’s kind. Should the event continue into the future, it
will be solely because of the hard work and determination of the new event staff. We wish them
the best, and look forward to what may come.

Steve “Timmourne” Foster
Executive Director – DBGA
Member – Ragnarok, LLC

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