The Arbiter election is scheduled for this Saturday, 6/26 at 7PM Eastern on the Dagorhir Battlegames Discord. It can be accessed here

There are two candidates who have been nominated: Francis of Dol Amroth (Frank Welter) and Malice (Daniel Neilson). Both have completed provided an introductory letter printed below. A background check has been run on both with boring (prefered) results.

For the election itself, both candidates will be given a chance to present themselves to the Council of Chapters, and take questions from anyone in attendance. A vote will then be performed. Each chapter will have 1 vote. This election should be taking place at Ragnorok, with this online process being an emergency covid related procedure. If the chapters would like to modify this process in any way, they are welcome to vote on it at the meeting.

Stone Wyndhaven – President DBGA

Greetings Dagorhir!

I’m Malice, and I have accepted a nomination for Arbiter.

I am a Dag veteran of 20 years, and in that time have held different positions of responsibility. I served multiple years on the DBGA in the past, holding both the Secretary position and later on Magistrate. In those years I was involved in a handful of incidents requiring investigation and ultimately handing down disciplinary actions including both suspensions and bans for different members of the local community. I have been a unit leader for most of my tenure in the game, and most Rag leaders probably know me from my most recent post, handling landgrab at Ragnarök for the past 4 years. This position is an important one, and crucial for the future of the organization as a whole. If elected I can promise diligence and equity when handling any situation that arises.

It is important to note, that the Arbiter is also a voting member of the BOD. We all know there are great things in the works to put that body out into the mass of the organization. I am a believer that this needs to happen, quickly but most importantly correctly to ensure the future of this game we all love. If chosen for this position I would do what I could to help facilitate these actions.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can.

Thank you all so much for any consideration!
Malice (Daniel Neilson) Eleytheria

Hello everybody!

My name is Frank Welter, or Francis of Dol Amroth, and I have been nominated for the position of Arbiter. I would like to take this opportunity to give you all a little bit of information about myself.

I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2015 with an MA in history. A degree in history allows one to critically examine documents, process information, analyze sources, and to accurately and concisely write and source documents, all of which I believe are key components of the Arbiter position. I am presently attending Eastern Gateway Community College, with the goal of earning an Associated in Business Administration.

I have played Dagorhir since 2008. During my time in Dagorhir, I have served as president of Bowling Green State University’s Dagorhir club, and am currently the Vice President of my chapter, Fourth Age of Middle Earth. In the former position, I was actively involved in the writing of the club’s constitution and bylaws. In the latter, as the Chapter developed, I was involved in reviewing and updating our own bylaws.

Outside of Dagorhir, I am an Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor, and Eagle Scout Coach for Scout Troop 68 out of Toledo, Ohio. I earned my Eagle Scout rank in 2007, and have remained active in the troop since then, mentoring the youth in the troop, and helping them to develop life skills for the past fourteen years.

I have also served as the Historian for the local SCA Barony, maintaining the Baronial library, records, meeting minutes, and the Baronial newsletter.

If anybody has any questions for me, I would be happy to answer them.

Your in Service,
Frank Welter / Francis of Dol Amroth

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