With the cancelation of Ragnorok again this year, the BoD of DBGA is suggesting that we hold the Arbiter election online again this year. We are setting the nomination date to June 13. That will allow ample time for background checks before an election on Saturday, June 26th at 7PM eastern time.

Candidates for Arbiter should be nominated by a Chapter Administrator. In addition, they need to meet the following criteria as outlined in the bylaws:

Candidate Requirements – Due to the sensitive nature of the position:

The candidate must be a member of a Dagorhir Chapter at the time of election.

The candidate must have been a continuous member of a Dagorhir Chapter for the past four years, but does not have to be an active fighter.

The candidate must have previous experience as an official Dagorhir Chapter administrator.

The candidate should have a reputation for fairness and levelheadedness, and must not be under any active suspensions or bans.

Please send the nominations to [email protected] including contact information for the candidate. The DBGA will be running a background check on each candidate via the commercial SentryLink software. This process allows for candidates to input their information directly, or the DBGA to do it for them.

To make the election more open and transparent, we will be using the same Discord infrastructure that is being built for the Bylaws rework committee. We will add a new category to the Discord and create channels for each nominee to communicate their credentials and ideas. Candidates may make a post on the Facebook group, but all conversation will be directed to the Discord.
For the elections themselves, we will run by basic Roberts Rules. The Chapters can elect a meeting chairman, followed by each candidate having a chance to present themselves and answer questions. Finally, a text vote will then be taken.

The Dagorhir Battle Games Discord can be accessed here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Stone Wyndhaven, President DBGA.

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