First Circle

The owner of First Circle (Brosa) first learned about chainmaille when attending his first event – Ragnarok XXVI. Later, he started learning more about different weaves and techniques, and finally attended his first event as a vendor at Clash of Kings XII in 2015. Now he attends 4-5 events a year, and is always looking for more!

Since the first event, First Circle has expanded the offerings of items to include those made by other craftspeople who don’t have a booth of their own. Every event that First Circle attends will have different artisans’ goods, ranging from Dag weaponry, to garb, to feastware, and more! And there is always a “Trade or Sell” table, where you can buy something outright, or offer something else in exchange. Brosa loves to barter!

If you would like to be an artisan featured in our booth, please contact us through our Facebook page!