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Presidency begins


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Hello everyone! I am Dracon Adun, and as of today my term as president begins.

I come to you all now with a series of inquires and requests. However before i get into those I wish to repeat a sentiment I made months ago when I announced that was running for this position.

My door is always open, I may be slow to answer it and offer you what I can, but I will always answer. If you work with me, I will work with you.

So, on with the pleading.

First things first, after meeting with the webmaster, Randrew Aimone it is clear that we need more hands to upkeep and update our website. I am to send people his way that have any of the following skill sets+free time+want to help our community:

Graphic/web design

Coding prowess

Social Media experience

(I understand that these are vague, if you feel that you may have these skills, please do not hesitate to ask, any help is greatly appreciated)

If you even just have free time+want to help our community, please reach out to me and I am sure i can find something for you to do to help this community grow in a positive fashion.

Also, this is just for me but I have a need for a Corporate Liability Lawyer, I would prefer one with no attachment to the game but I am looking for recommendations before I ask for this.

In other news:

Getting the Youtube channel loaded up with recent BoD and AWC meetings for transparency!

As always, please let me know what your concerns are and what you want me to focus and drive this ship towards resolving! I need everyone's input to succeed, so please help me do right by your needs.


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