Dagorhir Chapters and Members

Below are the final documents for creating a game-wide Dagorhir Ban & Suspension process:

  1. Ban Process Addendum (which is now part of the DBGA Bylaws and will be incorporated into all Dagorhir Chapter Contracts)
  2. Dagorhir Code of Conduct (based on the CoC already in use for Ragnarok.
  3. Dagorhir Game-Wide Ban/Suspension Process Overview and Analysis Rubric (brief summary of the Ban process plus a rubric for the Arbiter to assess the verified documentation supporting a game-wide ban or suspension request from a logical perspective, limiting emotional involvement).

These documents are the results of hundreds of hours’ work by dozens of unpaid volunteers. The attorneys who put in the MOST time on this process have asked that their names not be shared due to the nature of their employment, but we all owe them a HUGE thank-you.

If there are any minor formatting issues in the documents; we’ll fix them as they get formalized.

These versions were approved *unanimously* by every representative (from both voting AND non-voting units) in the Aratari War Council (AWC) plus the DBGA Board of Directors (BOD).

In addition to approving the Ban Process documents, today’s marathon AWC/BOD meeting approved changes to the DBGA bylaws including, “The Board shall ensure that all new or modified combat rules approved by the Ragnarok War Council are adopted into the Dagorhir Manual of Arms.”

Implementing this Game-Wide Ban Process requires changing the responsibilities of the Dagorhir Chapters — requiring Chapter Administrators to report suspected problem individuals and to enforce all Game-Wide Bans or Suspensions. Therefore DBGA will be issuing revised Chapter Contracts for all Chapters to notarize and return, acknowledging these new responsibilities. In the unlikely event that a chapter chooses not to update their contract, DBGA will terminate their contract. Terminated chapters are welcome to re-apply.


  • Merge the Ban Addendum (plus CoC and Rubric) into the Chapter Contract and provide the new Contract to all Dagorhir Chapters to sign and return.
  • Establish a secure discussion area for Chapter Administrators (either closed FB group or Forum on the website) to nominate and discuss candidates to serve as Arbiter Pro Tem until the RWC elects the next Arbiter (term to begin in August).
  • Set up the process and timeline for secure, auditable online voting for Arbiter Pro Tem candidates (only Chapters which have ratified the revised contract will be allowed to vote).

The above steps will take a week or two for the volunteer staff and committees to work through; we’ll post updates as things come together. While this is happening, please be thinking about qualified candidates for Arbiter for Chapter Administrators to evaluate and nominate.

Dave Vierling/Graymael of the Guard
President, Dagorhir Battle Games Association, Inc.