RWC 2014


5.2 - Metal Armor:

5.2.1 - Metal armor may be made of iron, steel, bronze, brass, or copper, or titanium. Aluminum and other modern alloys are not allowed.

5.2.2 - The minimum thickness of non-chainmail metal armor is 0.9mm (usually called 19 gauge).

5.2.3 - Chainmail, defined as armor constructed solely of interconnected metal rings, must not be able to have it's weave penetrated by a 3/8” thick rod (dowel) in order to pass as armor.

5.2.4 – The maximum thickness of metal armor is 1/8”.

5.2.5 - Rigid metal hand, knee or elbow armor is forbidden (ring or chainmail is permitted).

5.2.6 - Helmets may not have non-period grills. (most “SCA” helmets have non-period grills)


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