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  1. Event-Related Announcements • Mittelmarch Olympics XIV - April 7-9 2017 - Indianapolis, IN

    Mittelmarch Olympics XIV | April 7-9, 2017

    2:00 pm - Gate Opens
    8:00 pm - Weapons Check
    11:00 pm - Gate Closes

    Dawn - Highlander Tournament Begins
    8:00 am - Gate Opens
    10:00 am - Weapons Check Opens
    12:00 pm - Field Battles
    1:00 pm - Tournements Begin
    2:00 pm - Arts and Sciences Competition
    4:00 pm - 4 Horsemen, Tug o War
    6:00 pm - Feast
    7:30 pm - Mongolian Wrestling Tournament
    8:00 pm - Assassins' Tournament
    9:00 pm - Bardic Tournament

    Please be off site by 11:00 am!

    2316 S German Church Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46239

    $18 = Pre-Registration
    $20 = Gate (feast and camping)
    $10 = Day Trip (no feast)
    Age 6-15 = $10
    Age 5 and younger = free!

    Go here to Pre-Reg!

    Fighting age for Olympics XIV is 16+

    There is no additional fee for merchants but they must submit the Olympics XIV Vendor Application to reserve booth space. Tent space in merchant's row outside and table space inside is at a first come, first serve basis. Please submit a vendor application here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9HBNV6G

    Statistics: Posted by Rune — Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:38 am

  2. Event-Related Announcements • Re: Dagohir's Son of SAC

    This is a month away! are your ready? Have you Registered and reserved your Cabin? Come join us for a battle in the woods, storm an actually castle and battle thru the village

    Statistics: Posted by Långhund — Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:17 am

  3. Event-Related Announcements • Re: Ides of March Bowdon, GA

    Never mind, it is happening, saw the sign, I live next door, and it's freaking snowing outside right now!!! Lmao, this ga weather

    Statistics: Posted by vLux — Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:36 pm

  4. Event-Related Announcements • Ides of March Bowdon, GA

    Was wondering if we are still going to bowdon, ga for the ides of March event????

    Statistics: Posted by vLux — Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:15 am

  5. Event-Related Announcements • Gates of Fire XI - Medical Facilities

    Here is a brief list of nearby medical facilities, compliments of our medical staff:


    1. Excela Health-Frick Hospital - Emergency Department
    508 S Church St. Mt Pleasant, PA 15666 (~25 minutes NW)
    Head NW on 711, W on 31, S on Diamond St, N on Church St
    (724) 547-1500

    2. Highlands Hospital - Emergency Department
    401 E Murphy Ave Connellsville, PA 15425 (~30 minutes SW)
    Head SW on 711, N on Breakneck Ave, W on E Murphy Ave
    (724) 628-1508

    3. Somerset Hospital - Emergency Medical and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Services
    2255 Center Ave Somerset, PA 15501 (~30 minutes SE)
    Head SE on 31, S on Center Ave
    (814) 443-5000

    Urgent Care

    1. MedExpress Urgent Care - Mt Pleasant
    Open 8am-8pm
    6396 Route 819 South Mt Pleasant, PA 15666 (~25 minutes W)
    Head N 711, N on 31, S on School St Exd, W on 819
    (724) 547-3627

    2. Shaker Urgent Care and Family - Mt Pleasant
    Open 8am-8pm
    308 Bessemer Rd Mt Pleasant, PA 15666 (~25 minutes NW)
    Head W on 31, S on Breakneck Rd, S on Bessemer Rd
    (729) 592-4321

    3. MedExpress Urgent Care - Somerset
    Open 8am-8pm
    1490 N Center Ave Somerset, PA 15501 (~30 minutes E)
    Head N on 711, E on 31, N on N Center Ave
    (814) 443-4740

    Statistics: Posted by Erekose of Gestiguiste — Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:25 pm

  6. Event-Related Announcements • Gates of Fire XI - Additional Information

    Medics and Security

    Emergencies: Contact Troll, Medics or Security. All should be able to contact each other.
    Non-Emergencies: Contact Troll, Medics or Security.
    Lost and Found: This will be kept with Troll and/or Security.

    Medics: The main medic crew will be located at area 3b, in the additional camping area by the Store/Laundry/Game Room.
    •Mountain Pines has medical personnel onsite, who can get there much faster than an ambulance and determine if 911 is necessary.
    •Only dial 911 if there is a 911-level emergency. Otherwise, let Mountain Pines call for an ambulance.
    •Understand that when you dial 911, it will take 20-30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. (See above.)

    Security: The security crew will be centrally located at area 11, in the primitive cabin to the right.
    •Refrain from calling the police. Only Mountain Pines should call the police and they will if there is a need.
    •The overriding purpose of security is to deescalate tense situations. Calm everything down first.
    •You may have to deal with a “tough guy” who has had too much to drink. Don’t become the problem.
    •Separate arguing parties, contact fellow unit/realm members and/or leaders to assist.
    •Document any situations which occur, in case there is some need for follow-up. Get tag numbers, names, etc.
    •Contact Mountain Pines security if there is a need.

    Gates of Fire: Auction, Prizes and Hats

    Coins / Auction: This year green coins and gold coins have equal value! (Not so in the past.)
    •Every attendee arriving prior to the auction Friday evening will receive two coins.
    •Additional coins may be gambled for, earned or traded for.
    •Friday evening there will be an auction around 10pm.
    •The items auctioned off will provide the winner with an advantage during fighting the next day.

    Prizes / Hats: The hats are quite goofy, but it is pretty obvious if someone has one.
    •The person who wins the hat becomes the owner of the hat. They may start every fight/scenario with it.
    •They may lend the hat out as they choose, but it remains their property.
    •Hats may only be taken off of a dead body with the permission of the dead body with the hat.
    •Hats are only good for the event they are won at. You can’t wear one that wasn’t won at the current event.
    •You may wear multiple hats and get the advantage of each. (Pink Hats need to be on the outside.)
    •Call out the special property of the hat every time the special property is “invoked”. (e.g. Yell “DOUBLE RED!” every time you land a red blow.)

    Hat Properties: Each hat gives a specific advantage.
    •Red Hat: Any Red hit counts as Double-Red! (One hit breaks shields, may go through armored arm and torso.)
    •Blue Hat: Any Blue hit counts as Double-Blue! (One hit goes through armor. May go through unarmored arm and torso.
    •Green Hat: Any one-handed Green hit counts as Double-Green! (Pool-cue shots, etc. go through armor.)
    •Purple Hat: Any Blue hit counts as Double-Blue and any Red hit counts as Double-Red!
    •Pink Hat – Arrow Image: Offers 100% protection from arrows. Be sure to inform archers!
    •Pink Hat – Shield Image: Offers 100% protection from shield breaks. Be sure to inform red wielders!

    Statistics: Posted by Erekose of Gestiguiste — Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:23 pm

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