6 - Wounds and Healing

 - When in doubt of any of these rules, ask a Herald.

6.2 - When killed, scream and fall to a prone position on the ground.

6.3 - When you lose an arm, drop anything that is in that hand and put the arm behind your back. Do not switch equipment from the lost arm to your non-injured arm (this so called "magic switch" is specifically prohibited). Do not use your "lost" arm to aid in shield checking, shield bashing, or grappling.

6.3.1 - If the arm was hacked or smashed with a blue or red weapon, any other strike to the same arm counts as a torso hit, because in the Dagorhir combat rules the arm would not be there to intercept the hit.

6.4 - If you lose a leg, you must immediately kneel on that knee. To move from place to place you must either crawl, dragging the injured leg, or have comrades carry you. Hopping around on your uninjured leg is not allowed. However, you may make a lunge off the good leg toward an opponent. Any strike to a leg that has already been lost does not count. If both legs are wounded, you may only "knee walk", drag yourself by your arms, or be carried in order to move.

6.5 - If both knees are on the ground, and the leg wound is from a hacking or smashing weapon then any hit to either leg is considered a hit on the good leg.

6.6 - If the target is lunging/rolling around and has a wounded leg (hacking or smashing) and is hit in either leg (even the one already hit) it is considered a hit on the good leg.

6.7 - If you have two limbs hacked or smashed by red and/or blue weapons, the result is death. Wounds from green and yellow weapons do not count towards this rule, even if they are inflicted by the green stabbing point of a red or blue weapon.

6.8 - If asked, a fighter must accurately describe their current armor damage and wound status. Players may never fake death or wounds during a battle to mislead opponents.

6.8.1 - Because kneeling is how we show wounds to a leg, kneeling during combat isn't allowed. Crouching is allowed as long as neither knee is touching the ground.

6.9 - At no time may the dead speak to the living, unless it is to shout a safety warning that is "outside" of Dagorhir combat; e.g., "Look out, you're about to step off a cliff!"

6.10 - Healing

6.10.1 - The Healer cannot heal her/himself or their own equipment.

6.10.2 - To heal a person, the Healer must be in direct physical contact with the injured person.

6.10.3 - A healer may not heal a person while either are under direct attack. If the Healer or injured person is attacked or distracted, or contact is broken for any reason, the entire Poem of Healing must be read or recited again.

6.10.4 - A Poem of Healing must then be recited or read aloud. The minimum length of a poem of healing is 180 syllables and must be approved at event check-in.

6.10.5 - When the healer completes reading the Healing Poem, all wounds and any items held by the wounded fighter are healed or repaired (i.e. armor, bow, shield, etc.).