2 - General Rules

 - Event organizers reserve the right to eject or exclude any person from a Dagorhir event for the following reasons:

2.1.1 - Violating local, county, state, or federal laws which impact Dagorhir or Dagorhir events, including but not limited to violations which endanger the safety of Dagorhir members, spectators, or bystanders; violations which endanger Dagorhir's use of facilities; violations of Dagorhir's intellectual property rights (including but not limited to using Dagorhir's ® Servicemarked name without legal permission and theft of copyrighted material from Dagorhir, Dagorhir chapters, or units); etc.

2.1.2 - Endangering the safety of persons or property, including actions demonstrating intent to cause actual injuries or harm on the Dagorhir battlefield.

2.1.3 - Endangering Dagorhir's ability to use event facilities and/or related equipment

2.1.4 - Abusive language or other behavior unbecoming of a Dagorhir member using a "reasonable person" standard.

2.1.5 - Disobeying the Dagorhir-related requests and instructions of those in charge of events.

2.1.6 - Anything not noted above but negatively impacts a Dagorhir event or is deemed to casts Dagorhir as a whole in an unsuitable manner; using a "reasonable person" standard.

2.2 - The Herald (Dagorhir Referee) is the primary authority responsible for interpreting and enforcing these rules on the battlefield.

2.2.1 - A Herald has the right to remove anyone from the field for behaviors described above.