1 - Participation

 - The minimum age for participation in Dagorhir battle games is 16; however, some Dagorhir Chapters may choose to raise or lower this limit for their Chapter.

1.2 - All participants must sign a release form before they will be allowed to participate in any Dagorhir event. For those who are under 18, a legal guardian must sign the release form with either a notary or a member of the Dagorhir check-in staff as witness.

1.3 - All participants are required to wear a costume ("garb") that meets or preferably exceeds minimum Dagorhir requirements as seen below. The intent of this rule is to maintain a non-obtrusive appearance appropriate to a fantasy/medieval setting at Dagorhir events. Garb is required on the battle field and is strongly encouraged when in public areas. How a player dresses while in a private camp is not regulated by these rules; however garb at all times is strongly encouraged. The event staff reserves the right to make certain areas, functions, gatherings, or the entire event garb required. Proper garb not only benefits the player, but enhances the experience of other players and improves the overall atmosphere of the event.

1.3.1 - A tunic, shirt, dress, or vest of crotch length or longer. Bare chest is acceptable if allowed by law and or camp/event rules, but only if the rest of the costume meets or exceeds minimum garb standards. Clarification: Obviously modern clothing such as sweat-pants, pajama pants, modern skirts, etc is not acceptable.

1.3.2 – Non-obtrusive pants, kilt, skirt, leggings, or similar leg ware. Bare legs are acceptable.

1.3.3 – Non-obtrusive footwear (moccasins, earth-tone shoes, boots, sandals, etc.). Bare feet are acceptable if allowed by the event rules.

1.4 - Forbidden Garments, Patterns/Logos, and Equipment: The intent of this rule is to limit the amount of obviously modern looking items at the event. It is sometimes possible to wear modern clothing in a way (by modification or concealment for example) that it is not considered forbidden. A herald or member of the event staff will make final decisions on this.

1.4.1 - Forbidden garments include but are not limited to: blue jeans, white shoes, camouflage patterns such as military fatigues, visible T-shirts or other obviously modern clothing, and modern hats.

1.4.2 - Real swords, knives, or weapons of any sort (even in sheaths or cases) may not be worn or carried during Dagorhir combat.

1.4.3 - Weapons, shields, garb, and armor may not have clearly mundane logos or prints, nor may be made with fluorescent/neon colors.

1.4.4 - Cleats and spikes are not permitted on the battlefield.

1.4.5 – The event staff reserves the right to allow certain forbidden garments to accommodate special needs, because of weather conditions, etc. These exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. Players are encouraged to overcome this with proper garb when it is possible.

1.5 - If non-Dagorhir spectators, parental guardians, service staff, or similar bystanders are present at an event, the event staff determines if they are required to wear garb. This is handled on a case by case basis.

Examples of minimal, optimal, and illegal garb:

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Minimal male garb

Minimal female garb

Optimal male garb

Optimal female garb

Illegal male garb

Illegal female garb