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Anglo-Saxon/Viking rectangular cloak

by Alric of Drentha

This cloak is so easy to make it feels like you're cheating. It matches the cloaks worn in a number of illustrations in Anglo Saxon manuscripts (see Gale R. Owen-Crocker, Dress in Anglo-Saxon England [Boydell Press, 2004] for some examples), and is an easy and reasonably accurate choice for a Saxon, Viking, or other 'dark ages' (or 'dark ages' inspired fantasy) character.

1) Get a square of fabric 5' x 5', or 6' x 6' (more if you're a big guy). Hem the edges, and add trim if your character can afford it.

2) Get an annular, pennanular, or disc brooch.

3) Pin the cloak over your right shoulder. If it's too long, fold it before you pin it.