Dagorhir Battle Games
is proud to be a





Rome and friends proudly present
Dagorhir Battle Games' premier Fall event

Badon Hill VI will be
 September 22-25, 2011
Pioneer Park Campground
273 Trent Road
Somerset, PA 15501

As seen on Wreckreation Nation

Autumn's cool winds bear forth the cruel men of the north in their long ships, inaugurating dark centuries of wolves and wind, winter and despair. Bright banners are raised on high, to flutter bravely before the onslaught of the north's dark fury. Knights and warriors, champions of renown rally under the banners of chieftains and kings, to unsheath glittering and remorseless steel. One last chance to wrest everlasting glory and fame in defense of hearth and home, or go down forever in appalling defeat against barbarism's insurmountable, surging tides of war.

Afterwards, will you listen to the bards sing tales of valor? Or will songs of your valor inspire enduring legends down through the ages?

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table stood bravely, earning immortality in legend, literature and song. Will you?

Pictures courtesy Zagref of Eryndor
More event pictures can be found on the Dagorhir webpage

"That's it... and look upon this moment. Savor it! Rejoice with great gladness! Great gladness! Remember it always, for you are joined by it. You are One, under the stars. Remember it well, then... this night, this great victory. So that in the years ahead, you can say, 'I was there that night, with Arthur, the King!' For it is the doom of men that they forget."  
                                         -Merlin from the movie Excalibur

What was once the Aratari Fall Campout is now shared with all of Dagorhir, in the dark and foreboding iron hills of Angaron.

Join us for the biggest Dagorhir battles ever! (excepting Ragnarok!)
We anticipate an attendance of over 500!
We have a great lineup planned.
Great innovations, great battle scenarios.
Everyone wins.
Everyone comes home a hero.

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